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Ear pain: The causes and how to treat it

The pain in the ear is likely to be continuous or intermittent, intense, sharp and penetrating, deep and annoying. It may worsen with ear pressure when you chew or blow your nose.

With the correct diagnosis the doctor will notice the point of the affected ear.

When the pain comes from the front then there is a possibility of a pimple with pus.

When it comes from the back of the ear or from behind it then there is a possibility of some kind of acute otitis media or mastoiditis. There are many times when the pain increases when we blow our nose. How can both cases be treated: with antibiotics and monitoring by a specialist until the pain is completely gone.

When the pain comes from behind or below the ear then it can come from otitis externa, from redness, or from inflammation in the scalp. The pain may increase with pressure on the ear.

In this case, good ear cleaning, care, ear drops and maybe strong antibiotics are required, but always according to the advice and instructions of a specialized doctor.

There are times when there may be pain but the ear is perfectly healthy. But this is clarified after a detailed examination of the entire head and neck.

Diseases that cause reflex pain are:

– Problem in the teeth
A wisdom tooth that comes out or can not come out or some tooth root that is left after tooth extraction, can cause dental pain in the ear.

– Arthritis of the temporomandibular joint
When the teeth do not press well, then the joint gets tired, becomes inflamed and the ear hurts. Consult a dentist or orthodontist.

– Diseases of the mouth and throat
Acute tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, mouth and throat ulcers can cause ear pain.

– Neuralgia
There is a nerve called the lingual pharynx that sometimes causes severe pain in the back of the tongue, pharynx and ear.

Some diseases of the cervical spine cause neuralgia, which can reach the ear.

How to deal with it

-If your ear hurts, first take a painkiller.
-Do not put liquids in the ear and especially alcohol.
-If the pain continues and the next day you should see an otolaryngologist.

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