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Fever with or without other symptoms

Fever is the highest-than-the-normal body temperature. Normal values range is from 36.1 to 37.2 degrees Celsius, It is a symptom that can be caused by a wide variety of diseases.
Each of us has experienced the wave of shivering and exhaustion caused by fever. It is something that usually accompanies an infection, such as the flu virus or an inflammation. However, many other causes of fever are possible, including medications, cancer, heat exhaustion, some injury or abnormalities in the brain, or some disease of the endocrine system (glandular or even hormonal).

Fever rarely comes without other symptoms, but it is something that is possible and cannot be ruled out. It is often accompanied by specific symptoms, which can help identify the disease that causes the fever. This can help the doctor determine which treatment is necessary.

When to see a doctor

Most often, we do not pay much attention to fever, especially if it is a low-grade fever. This is a big mistake The following lists some symptoms and signs that indicate that a patient with fever should seek medical attention:
• If its temperature is 39 °C or higher
• If his fever lasts more than seven days
• If it symptoms get worse

Call 111 or a doctor, if any of the following symptoms are combined with fever:

Confusion or excessive sleepiness

Severe headache (headache)

Sore throat


Chest pain

Difficulty breathing

Repeated vomiting

Abdominal pain

Blood in the feces

Pain when urinating

Swelling in the legs

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