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Increased uric acid!! I’m worried or not?

Pain, numbness in the lower extremities and especially in the big toe???When was the last time you checked uric acid blood levels in your body???

Uric acid is a substance produced in the body by the metabolism of the purines. The purines are part
of the proteins of foods that are converted into uric acid in our body and are produced either by the
body itself or obtained through specific foods.

If the level of uric acid in the blood increases significantly, a condition called hyperuricemia
(increased uric acid) occurs. Hyperuricemia is responsible for 5-10% of uroliths (stones in the urine)
and can lead to gout which occurs in the form of inflammation and pain in the extremities, mainly in
the big toe (gout).

Gout, in acute or chronic form, usually occurs after the age of 35 and mainly affects men, yet after
menopause uric acid levels also increase in the female population.

Proper nutrition and medical treatment depending on uric levels, aim to control the production and
elimination of uric acid and help prevent gout attacks. If you are overweight or obese you should
lose weight, but not abruptly because this can trigger a gout crisis. Stay well hydrated, drinking
enough water every day (over 8 glasses).

Moderate exercise is also recommended daily
In 2 months you need to repeat the blood tests and check uric acid levels.

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