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Vitamin D: What causes its lack and how we can treat it.

Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin that has a powerful effect on many systems of the body.
It is a fat-soluble vitamin that the human body synthesizes through solar radiation but also ingests it from certain foods.

It is found in foods such as oily fish and fortified dairy products, although it is very difficult to get as much as you need only through the diet. The recommended daily intake (RDI) is usually about 400-800 IU, but many experts say that you should take even more.

It has been found that more and more people are deficient in vitamin D, something that is mainly due to the modern lifestyle that includes many hours in offices and away from the sun, but also to our fast standardized diet.


What causes in the body, the lack of vitamin D

1. Permanent weakness
If you often feel tired, more than normal, this may be due to an absence of vit D, as this particular vitamin has the property of converting food into energy.

2. Common infections
Vit D affects more than 2,000 genes and this directly makes it a basic prerequisite for the proper functioning of our immune system. Someone with low levels of vit D is likely to suffer from frequent infections as the body’s defenses are more vulnerable to attacks

3. Bone pains and muscle weakness
Frequent fractures or bone pains can be due to a lack of vit D and this is because it is necessary to regulate the levels of calcium and phosphates in the body that are important for the joints, muscles and even teeth.

4. Insufficient wound healing
Insufficient levels of vitamin D can lead to poor wound healing after surgery, injury or infection.

5. Hair loss
Hair loss may be an indication of vitamin D deficiency in female hair loss or in the autoimmune condition of alopecia areata.

6. Depression
Depression is associated with low levels of vitamin D and some studies have found that supplements improve mood.

How can we treat vitamin D deficiency?

If you have found that you have any of the above symptoms, then it is advisable to visit your doctor and do the appropriate tests. In case of vitamin D deficiency, you will be given the appropriate supplement content that will greatly help your organism.

There are different forms of vitamin D in the administered medicinal products or dietary supplements. The recommended dose of vitamin D depends on the level of deficiency or lack thereof.

Vitamin D replacement therapy is very safe and usually no problems are observed from its administration. At Gold Medical Centre we can check your vit D levels and restore them immediately and quickly with specific intramuscular supplements.

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