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World Hand Hygiene Day! 6 steps for clean hands, everytime

Frequent and good hand washing can save our lives

From young children we hear that we must wash our hands often and well. Before we sit at the dining table, as soon as we finish the toilet, as soon as we return home from school or for a walk… This is because hand hygiene is one of the most important measures to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

After three years of the Covid pandemic, we now realize that frequent and proper hand washing with soap and water or using a special antiseptic when we do not have access to soap and water is not only a good habit but can even save us Zoe. But do we know how to wash our hands properly? Let’s remember the basic rules of hand hygiene: When is it necessary to wash our hands?

To wash our hands well we need 20 seconds and soap and – preferably hot – water.

The steps we need to follow are the following:
1. We put our hands under the running water.
2. Apply enough soap to cover all the surfaces of the hands.
3. We rub our palms together.
4. We take care to wash all the surfaces of our hands and fingers (rubbing them one by one). Let’s not forget the nails, but also the parts of the skin that are covered by our rings.
5. Rinse our hands thoroughly with running water.
6. Wipe them – preferably with a disposable hand towel and close the tap with it. If we are at home, we use the hand towel, which we take care to change and wash often.

A good alternative, when we do not have access to soap and water, is the antiseptic solution. And in this case we need to use enough to cover all the surfaces of our hands, to rub them well and make sure they are completely dry before we consider that our hands are now clean.

Tip: Remember to protect your hands and nails, which suffer from frequent contact with water and antiseptics, with a good moisturizer.

Article from: vita.gr

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